Raw 1 1/4 Classic Rolling Papers

Raw 1 1/4 classic rolling papers are a popular choice for smokers seeking a natural and unrefined smoking experience. These papers are made from a blend of natural fibers and are free from chlorine and other chemicals.

They have a unique light brown color that is free from the tar and aftertaste of bleached papers. Additionally, they burn slow and evenly for a more satisfying and pure smoking experience.


RAW 1 1/4 classic rolling papers are a great choice for smokers who enjoy a natural, unrefined smoking experience. These rolled paper leafs are made from unbleached natural fibers, which make them burn at a slower rate than regular papers, and offer a smooth, even burn that yields minimal smoke.

They also contain a watermark which helps prevent runs and keep your smoke clean and smooth. In addition, their slow burning properties can save you money in the long run by allowing you to smoke more often without having to relight your cigarette.

Raw is a brand known for their quality rolling papers, which come in many shapes and sizes. They are available in a range of materials, including rice, hemp and ultra-thin. They also feature a criss-cross watermark that can improve your smoking experience. They are a good value option that can be found in most local smoke shops. They are also known for their slow and even burn, making them a winner in the natural rolling paper category.


RAW Classic rolling papers are made from natural, unbleached paper fibers and have a pure gum line sourced from Acacia trees in Ethiopia and Senegal. They are handmade in Alcoy, Spain and feature a CrissCross watermark that helps to prevent runs.

These paper are a great choice for smokers who want to enjoy the natural taste of cannabis without adding chemicals and additives. They are free from chlorine, ensuring a healthier smoking experience.

Raw also offers a variety of other accessories including trays, filters, shredders, and pipes. They are proud to manufacture their products in an environmentally friendly way, and they also donate a portion of their profits to various philanthropic causes.


RAW Classic is a premium line of rolling papers and accessories produced in the Alcoy region of Spain. They boast a variety of styles including regular, creaseless and connoisseur, and even an organic line. They have also been recognized by many as the best in their class for a number of reasons.

The most impressive of these is their patented criss-cross water mark which helps prevent runs and creates a smooth and even burn. Their other standout is their opulent micro-fibres which are super thin and light but provide a strong, durable paper that burns like the proverbial champ!

The best part is that you can use these creaseless papers however you like. The smallest sizes are single wide, which you can roll by hand, but if you need to pack a heavier load you can always tear them up into King Size papers. You might also want to check out their newest and most exciting release, a series of stacked cones.


RAW Classic cones are made from a unique, watermarked, thin paper that you just fill with your cannabis product, twist off the ends and light. These pre-rolled papers save time and money for your customers, while also giving them a reliable smoke experience.

In addition to their excellent smoke quality, RAW cones are eco-friendly and free from added dyes or chalk. This makes them a great choice for your clients who appreciate the pure and natural flavors of their weed.

Raw Cones are made of a blend of unbleached fibers and feature a crisscross watermark to prevent runs and facilitate an even burn. They’re available in a variety of sizes and are perfect for smoking out in the backyard or on the go.

Raw organic hemp cones are another great choice for your clients who prefer a natural smoke experience. These papers are free of added dyes and chalk and come packed with natural paper straws.