Towing Services in Chicago IL

There are a number of companies that offer towing services in Chicago IL. Some of these companies include United Road Towing, DuPage Towing, and Priority Wrecker Service.

DuPage Towing

The name of a company in Illinois can be a mouthful. For instance, you might not know that the name Area DuPage Towing and Recovery has been in business for more than 13 years. This is the company to call if you need expert towing services in Chicago. Whether you need a wrecked truck towed or just a tire changed, the company has the experience and equipment to do the job right.

The duPage area is home to a fair share of trucking traffic. These vehicles may be heading to the airport, downtown or the suburbs. As such, towing is not only the best way to make sure a vehicle stays on the road, it also provides a measure of accountability. After all, if you park your rig illegally on public property, you’ll probably be found out.

Not all tows are created equal. A company like Jrop, for example, offers both standard and specialty tow trucks in West Chicago. Their tow trucks are outfitted with the latest and greatest in towing technology. They’re also on the ball when it comes to relocating or reclaiming vehicles.

United Road Towing

United Road Towing is a towing company that offers services in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in 1997 and is now owned by Allied Capital. Currently, there are 1,200 employees working for United Road Towing.

For years, URT has operated under a private towing contract with the City of Chicago. But in February 2017, the company filed for Chapter 11 protection. Its release said that filing was necessary to restructure its balance sheet to better manage its overall debt load.

The city’s private towing contract has been in place for nearly three decades. During that time, it has sucked $22 million from storage fees and tow fees. Yet the program is riddled with questions about public policies.

In the last three years, WBEZ has examined hundreds of thousands of towing records, including hundreds of invoices and internal documents. We have also compared trends across the City’s various departments. This is the first time that the scale of the city’s towing programs has been investigated.

Priority Wrecker Service

The city of Chicago is taking the necessary steps to regulate its fair share of roadside service providers. A recent enforcement effort brought to light a few shady players, but a nifty chart shows that there may be hundreds more.

Towing Chicago is one such company. In fact, the company has been awarded 27 storage lot licenses by the city. Its website boasts of “the best customer service available in the business.”

Priority Wrecker Service is another story. Their website claims they have 27 wide-ranging units in Glendale Heights, Illinois. However, their safety relocation certificate was revoked for a brief period of time in April of 2022. They have also been cited for two dozen state citations.

There are many tow companies in the metropolis, but only 27 licenses to go around. The best ones are a friendly bunch. One customer, Zing, was surprised by the sheer number of fees. When he was finally able to get the bill folded up at the accident scene, he noticed eleven $895 charges in total.

Long distance towing

When you have a car that is stalled, you need to have a towing service that can provide you with a truck. If you need your car towed to a location that is beyond the range of a regular towing service, you may need to hire a long distance towing company.

While a regular towing service drags a car on a flatbed truck, a long distance towing company will ship your vehicle. This type of towing involves shipping a car from one state to another. Towing a car over a long distance can be difficult without proper towing equipment. In order to prevent damage to your vehicle, you will need a sturdy towing vehicle that can support your car.

Long distance towing companies can transport your vehicle up to 500 miles. The cost for this service is as little as a dollar per mile, depending on the distance. For longer trips, you might need a heavy-duty tow truck or a car carrier. These vehicles are equipped with under-reach and Wheel-Lift technology.